Friday, April 17, 2009

Urgent Care...Again.

What is it about my family that when they come to Arizona, we end up in Urgent Care?

Dylan ended up in the emergency room once when we thought he broke his arm on Thanksgiving. Jen had to take one of the boys to Urgent Care last year to get stitches out. Now, this time she was there!

We planned to barbecue some meat this evening as our last time with Jen's family. Instead, Jen ended up at Urgent Care because of an every-increasing rash all over her skin. Long story short - they suspect she's allergic to the detergent they use at the hotel. We finally got out of the urgent care at 8 p.m. By then, we were all starving so we instead of BBQing, we just went to Golden Corral. Everyone could eat what they wanted and how much they wanted. Jonah even got to speak in spanish to the "Hola Mama" guy at the grill, although he was kind of shy to do so.

Shane and C had already hooked up the trailer and gotten it ready to take to Utah so that was good. We came home from the restaurant and she and I worked on her vinyl that she wanted for her camp fireside. With now having two computers to work off of and not all of my programs on the old one moved to the new one, it was difficult being able to do what I needed to do to cut her vinyl. I told them it was too bad they didn't decide to spend the night here instead because that way they would have had to drive all the way back to the hotel tonight and then head back this way again in the morning to head out of town. Oh well, lesson learned. With that said, we agreed they would head to the hotel and I would meet them at the crossroads where Hwy 74 and Hwy 60 meet in the morning to give them the rest of the jewelry I hadn't finished yet as well as the vinyl. And off they went...

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