Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day with My Substitute Parents

I was up and out the door by 8 a.m. this morning. I was off to spend part of the day with my "substitute" parents - Auntie Sigie and Uncle Ward. We planned on going to the grand opening of the new Honeyville Farms food storage store in Chandler. It took me 2 hours to get from my house to theirs to the store. TWO HOURS! Traffic was horrible. It seemed like every freeway was closed off for some reason. It was just slow and go the whole way. Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with that on the way home too! We wanted Lisa to go with us, but she had errands to run and chores to do. We were really bummed.We arrived at the Honeyville store and promptly filled out the slips for the Nutri-Mill giveaway. I guess none of us won since it's now 7 pm and the drawing was at 4 pm. Darn. Oh well...I already have an electric grinder anyway. Check out these sexy seniors in their glamour glasses....When you first walk in, you are amazed at the amount of food storage product that is least I was! This wall was amazing. There were dehydrated fruits and vegetables and eggs and butter and TVP and just a ton of other stuff! The store was just so cool. If I had more money and space to store stuff, I surely would have gotten a lot more stuff.I got a smokin' deal on potato pearls! Each bag was only $2.75, normally $5.39. When Jen and I did potato pearls back in February, we got them for $4.10 per bag so this was a great price. I now wish I'd bought all the rest of the bags. See them up there on the top shelf under the second sign from the left? Yep, that's all that's left...about 8 bags. Dang! I wish I'd bought them!Uncle Ward has been developing this "food storage book" with all their inventory and prices and everything. Here he is showing his book to Lisa, the lady at the store.
And wouldn't you know it...Auntie, of course, knew this lady from California, who is an owner of the store.

We loaded up the truck and headed out. We decided to stop by the little food storage store next to Deseret Book close to the temple. I wanted to get Melon Man a surprise - a container of Ham Base. He's always telling me "this needs ham base" or "that needs ham base." So, baby, I gotcha some ham base. Just don't mix it with my chicken base or my beef base or such!

We headed for Lisa's house to have some sandwiches with her. We visited for quite a while and then headed to Auntie's friend's house to check on the chickens. We got there and Auntie starts calling to the birds and they start "singing" to to play...

What a cool little chicken coop. Fresh eggs every day! I got to take home a dozen of green, brown, white, and blue eggs. Yay!!
Uncle Ward showed me this little misshaped egg. It was all lopsided and weird (which this picture only partially shows). I joked that maybe its momma had a small pelvis.Here is Uncle Ward with what I thought was the most beautiful of the chickens. It was black and red and just gorgeous. I wanted to take it home with me. Look at how huge it's "feet" are! Look at how huge the entire chicken is!

After finishing at the coop, I took them home and we unloaded their stuff they'd bought at Honeyville. I headed for home and decided to install my new point 'n' shoot camera's software so I could download these pics. Need to get some laundry going and the house picked up. Oh...and gotta check the deep sea fishing fish counts for the last few days. Trying to decide if we're going fishing while we're in San Diego in a few weeks. I think long as the barracuda aren't the main catch again. Don't want those this time!


Cindy said...

LOVE, Love,love it all! Glad you had a good time! Aren't those chickens FUN?

Lisa Tucker said...

What a great idea w/taking the video! Love it!

Jennifer said...

Now there's something you don't expect to see ... Auntie on a farm, and enjoying it! Yes, they are some of the cutest seniors I have ever seen. You are lucky to live so close to them.