Thursday, June 4, 2009

When a Friend is in Need... go. I'm off to California for a quick overnight trip to be with Shelli, whose grandfather passed away this week, for his funeral. I'll update everyone via post as to my progress along the way so you know I'm safe.

There have been so many times that she's had a special event in her life and I've been unable to go. This time, I know this trip is supposed to happen. Everything has just fallen into place. No meetings at work today...or tomorrow. Enough points available on my Hilton card to get my hotel room for free. "On the Road Again" started playing on the radio as soon as I got in the truck after filling up with gas. It's just meant to be.

The only thing wrong is that Melon Man can't come with me. I'll miss you honey, but I'll see you tomorrow night. Love you. Very much. Thank you for understanding my need to go.

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad things worked out and you were able to go. There is nothing like having someone who loves you around when you are facing trials. Have a good time. Love you!