Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Bought WHAT Color of Pants and They Cost HOW MUCH?

Back a couple of weeks ago, Melon Man wanted to go buy some new dress pants...just in time for Joshy's graduation. I was totally down and cool with that. Sure, go ahead. No problemo. That is...until he called to tell me about them. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, honey.
MM: I'm done with my shopping and heading home.
Me: Oh, what'd you get?
MM: I got some really nice new dress pants.
Me: Good! Where'd you get them?
MM: Thaku's.
Me: Really? [Kind of freaking out in my head] That place is expensive.
MM: It wasn't too bad.
Me: What color are they?
MM: Gold.
Me: GOLD? (Note the added emphasis of all caps)
MM: Yeah, gold. They're really nice. The material is kind of a lamé.
Me: GOLD LAMé? (Again, added emphasis for effect)
MM: Yeah, what's wrong with that? They're kind of shiny.
Me: [In my head: Oh, good gravy....I'm married to a gigolo from the 70's!] You bought GIGOLO pants?
MM: They're not gigolo pants. They're actually very nice.
Me: How much were they?
MM: Seventy-three dollars.
Me: SEVENTY-THREE DOLLARS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? For gold lamé pants? What on earth were you thinking?
MM: That's really not a lot for nice dress pants.
Me: It is to me...especially for gold lamé pants. Oh my gosh, I'm going to be so embarassed. DO NOT TAKE THE TAGS OFF OF THOSE PANTS. They are going back if I don't like them.
MM: I'm an adult you know. I think I can choose a decent pair of pants for myself.

At that point, I tucked my tail between my legs and bowed down in instant shame. Here I was, commanding, controlling, untrusting, treating him like a child, etc. Everything "he" (you know, the former one) told me I was (which is "why he was leaving me" NOT.). Although I didn't really show this side of me to Melon Man at the moment (why haven't I come up with a name for "him" yet? Probably because it would be something not very nice), I felt it inside of me and I knew I'd hurt Melon Man's feelings...again. Sometime between that moment and the moment I got home, I decided I definitely needed to give the pants a chance - although I was definitely scared of what I would see.

So...this is what I imagined (minus the fringe at the bottom):

But, this is what he really got. THANK GOODNESS!
They even came with this nifty (actually very cool) tag. I mean, what cheapo pants company puts very cool tags on their pants like this? None. Only good quality "slacks" companies do. I mean, hello, I owned my own paper company and know the difference between good quality paper and cheapo stuff and this kind of paper is not cheap to be making tags out of that the consumer is going to rip off the garment and just throw away!

So...Melon Man...I hand it to ya...ya dun good. And...I'm sorry I reacted that way and didn't trust you. Oh, and the pants are gabardine, not lamé...thank goodness!


Lisa Tucker said...

Very Funny! Sometimes men have a hard time explaining color! However the pant really are very nice. He did do a good job!

Cindy said...

He did a really good job. I would have pictured the same 'gold lame' that you did.

Too funny!

Shelli Clark said...

Jason and I had a really great laugh when we read the post on our Blackberries. Couldn't see the photos, so needless to say a lot was left to our imaginations. The pants look great!