Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catching Up

My last entry was pretty short because I had to send it from my cell phone since my computer is DEAD. Seriously. Me...without a computer? ARGH. I feel like my arms are cut off. Luckily, one of my employees allowed me to borrow her personal laptop for a little bit so I am adding a quick update.

My trip out to California was great. I enjoyed the ride all by myself and I made it there and back just fine - without any problems. Yay! The trip back was a little adventurous with all the traffic in Fontana (it took me an hour to go from the hotel to a gas station to the freeway to Rialto) and then again with getting stopped by an accident just outside Blythe which then took 45 minutes to go somewhere between 2 and 4 miles. Luckily, I had my cell phone, bluetooth headset, and iPod with me. They all kept me entertained.

The funeral was short and sweet and it was so great to see Shelli again. She and I even made a quick run to Tai Pan Trading in Rancho Cucamonga when we found out just how close it was! The chaplain at the funeral said something that I will never forget. He talked about how amazing it is that when we travel long distances, we often pray that we will get there safely, but once we get there, how often do we thank the Lord for our safe arrival? I really thought about that. I thought back to the night before how here I had made this trip all by myself and had asked the Lord to protect me in all ways while I traveled, yet when I arrived, I hadn't bothered to get down on my knees or even just sit in the truck on my butt and gratefully thank Him for getting me there! I knew that as I traveled home, it would definitely be included in my prayers that night...and it was.

It was great to see Melon Man when I got home. He had told me that he hadn't slept well while I was gone (just the one night). It was very sweet...he kept calling me along my journey home. It was as if he was excited for me to get home and be with him. He definitely slept better that night.

This last week at work has been definitely crazy. I don't even know how to describe it, it's been so wild. I guess that's just normal now.

Melon Man got a call from the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric on Wednesday, asking him to speak in Sacrament Meeting this week, which he did today. He did a FANTASTIC job. He didn't write one word down at all. He just got up there and spoke. It was amazing. I've noticed that when people just get up there and read, most often, the congregation is just busy doing whatever. They aren't paying attention and listening. Not today. People were glued to him. It was because it was natural. It was like having a conversation one on one with him. He truly has a gift for public speaking.

We are having the missionaries for dinner today. Tacos, as usual. Went Visiting Teaching this week too. Am enjoying getting to know this sister more on a personal level. Her family has come to my rescue so many times in the 8 years that I've known them. I hope that I can give back to them in the same way some day.

There was so much that I've wanted to write about in the last week, but haven't been able to because of not having a computer. Darn. But...a very nice man in the ward heard of my plight today and offered to take a look at it. I had completely forgotten that he does that, so I am GRATEFUL for his offer of service.

Heading to Chicago soon for a business trip. Called up Melon Man's uncle the other day and let him know I was coming to town and that it was "TIME TO PARTY!" We've made some tentative plans for meeting up for dinner. I hope they will work out. We had a great time the last time we met up when Melon Man and I went to Chicago together a couple years ago. This time, it will just be me, but I can't wait to go eat some real good, hopefully ethnic, Chicago food. Yum!

Plus, our annual vacation to San Diego is coming up quickly! I can't wait...I seriously need it!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the update. I hope you get your computer up and going soon!

Casey Lu said...

Yes, I hope you get your computer up and running again soon too! Miss you! Sorry I haven't been able to catch up with you, things have been so busy and crazy here and it seems that they will be even more so soon. Still thinking of you and hoping your well!