Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Clue...

Either nobody reads my blog or nobody cares to play my little game or the clues are too vague still. So, I'll give another clue. Here are the clues I've already given:

1) It's a male.
2) He's been on tv a lot.

Here are three new clues, actually:

3) He's old.
4) He's dead.
5) He's a food icon.

So, if you have any guesses as to who it could be that I saw in the Chicago airport on Tuesday, leave a comment. Guess as much as you want! The winner will get a vinyl cutout.

Today is July 3rd - pre-Independence Day. Holly and I cleaned today and in a few minutes I will begin dismantling the office so I can rearrange it. I just walked in here to do it and my willpower dropped by about 40%. But...I KNOW I HAVE to do it before I can put up the new computer. So, off I go now to start working on it!


Cindy said...

O.k. My guesses would be:

Karl Malden
Billy Mays

How close am I??????

Lisa Tucker said...

I think I will go w/Cindy. Billy Mays! But he is not old! But I will go with that guess anyway.

Shelli Clark said...

I'm still going with Karl Malden.