Saturday, July 4, 2009

No, It's Not Karl Malden

It's a new day, so time for another clue. But's not Karl Malden.

So, I'll give another clue. Here are the clues I've already given:

1) It's a male.
2) He's been on tv a lot.
3) He's old.
4) He's dead - and not recently.
5) He's a food icon.

And the newest clues...

6) He wears glasses.
7) You may have eaten his famous food today.

So, if you have any guesses as to who it could be that I saw in the Chicago airport on Tuesday, leave a comment. Guess as much as you want! The winner will get a vinyl cutout.


Lisa Tucker said...

I got it! It's Colonel Sanders from KFC.

Shelli Clark said...

I agree with Lisa - Colonel Sanders. Either that or Dave Thomas from Wendy's.