Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home from Chicago

Flew home from Chicago today. I was so glad to be home with Melon Man, Dog, Little Boy Dog, and Little Girl Dog. Melon Man drove me and picked me up from the airport this time rather than me driving myself down there. I always like it when he comes and picks me up. Makes me happy.

We stopped at Chompie's for lunch and enjoyed every yummy morsel. MMM....pastrami and mmmm....pickles. Yes, I do love their bright green pickles. They are just different enough from my favorite Vlasic pickles that I crave them too. In case I haven't posted a picture of a Chompie's mile-high pastrami sandwich lately...let me do so to refresh your memory and tastebuds....

While in the airport though in Chicago, I was sitting there waiting for my flight to leave and noticed all the interesting people walking through. I caught these "discreet" pictures...

A monk, an Amish girl, two nuns, and an Air Force guy. All just making their way somewhere else. I love to people watch. It's just fascinating to me.

After we arrived home, Melon Man and I both zonked out. I was just tired from getting up at dark o'clock every day considering the time difference and the heat really took the life out of both of us today. It's been about 115* every day for the last 3 or 4 days and today it was like 110*. After being in 75 degree weather for 3 days and then coming back to this, I just about died. It was like my lifeforce was just being sucked out of me. I slept for a couple hours and then woke up. Melon Man and I munched on some popcorn and watched our recorded episodes of Warehouse 13. Interesting show. I hope it stays as interesting as the first two episodes...

Called little Noah tonight and wished him happy birthday. I can't believe he is five now. He was so excited to tell me he was five. He sure is a cutie!

Tomorrow is Uncle Gene's funeral, so I have the day off. Larry and Terry will be there too. It will be good to see them again. I have really enjoyed getting to know them and they are so very welcoming to me.

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