Sunday, August 2, 2009

Taco Night

We made it to church early (pretty normal for us, not so much for Dad) today. We were able to just sit peacefully and wait for church to begin. Very relaxing. It was Testimony meeting today and there were many wonderful testimonies shared. You could truly feel the spirit there today.

After church, we came home, got a few things picked up, and then began working on making dinner. Lisa, Auntie, and Uncle Ward were all coming for dinner. Craig wasn't able to come and we missed him.

I began making tacos for dinner. Oh, Always good. I think I fried about 60 tacos. So good. Every time. We were all sitting around talking and decided to snap a few shots...

Lisa and her Dad. What a cute picture!

My dad, Auntie, and Melon Man.

Then, we decided to have dessert. Auntie makes THE best cream puffs. Always perfect. I have got to learn how to make these! But, then, maybe it's best that I don't. We'd probably always have them in the house and that would be bad....very bad....

It was a very nice dinner and time to visit. Dad packed his things and headed out with Auntie, Lisa, and Uncle Ward. Uncle Ward is going to take him to the airport tomorrow since I have a 6:30 a.m. staff meeting.

There are about 15 tacos left over....I have dibs on some of them!!!

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