Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dog Poops a LOT and Dentists are Expensive

So, this morning it was very hard to get my butt out of bed to go to work.  I was just so tired and worn out from the last six days.  I finally got up, got showered and headed into the office here at home to check email and such while putting on my makeup.  It was still dark outside, as well as inside, but I just continued to walk into the room...that is...until I stepped in a GINORMOUS pile of dog poop - barefoot.  YUCK!  What?  I couldn't smell it ahead of stepping in it?  Nope.  Not until my bare foot hit it and burst it wide open did I smell the unmistakable stench of dog crap.  BARF!

Dog had apparently needed to go really bad and just couldn't hold it any longer.  What?  Did he hold it the entire time we were gone?  We let him out like 5 times last night before we went to bed.  Melon Man let him out this morning before he left for work.  What is up with this? 

I cleaned it up - almost barfing the entire time.  I scrubbed the carpet, threw away the rag I'd used to clean it (in a sealed ziploc bag no less), and proceeded to get ready for work.  Dog just laid down in here with me or went and looked out the window in the front room, wandering back and forth between the two. 

Back to me...I was so tired.  I called my admin assistant at work and asked her what was on my calendar for the day.  She told me nothing - absolutely nothing.  I decided to take the day off...until I asked her to look at my forecast calendar and then realized that October forecast is due tomorrow so no day off for me.  In the meantime, Melon Man called and said he was on his way home because "the load" hadn't come in so there was really no work for him since there were already two or three other people there, but nothing to put out.  I hurried to finish getting ready and went to take Dog to put him in his kennel until Melon Man got home.  But, what to my wondering eyes should appear but five piles of dog poop in the scrapbook room on the floor! 

What in the heck is going on here?????!!!!!!?????  You've never done this, Dog!  Why now?  Are you ticked off because we left you behind while we went on a trip?  Are you mad because you were there 5 days?  Are you sick?  Nope...the Petshotel manager said it's probably because they "potty" the dogs in an indoor room and he probably thinks it's okay now to do that in our house.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  Yeah, um, no.  We will have none of that here in this house.  So...luckily Melon Man drove up and he got to clean those up.  I, on the other hand, drove off into the sunrise to work.  Yeah, then a while later, he called me to let me know Dog had done a doody in the room again.  Gross.  Yep, we're closing the doors now.  Yep, taking the dog out every hour now.  Geez.  Yuck.  This WILL NOT continue.

So, today Melon Man and I both went to the dentist.  Me to get my broken tooth fixed and Melon Man to "get some fillings done" which in Melon Man speak meant get a root canal and fitted for a crown.  Uh, hello?  Those totally are NOT the same thing.  By about a gazillion dollars.  Luckily, we have double insurance on Melon Man and so hopefully, the whole thing will be paid for.  My tooth fix turned out pretty well, except that I have a jagged edge right where the filling meets the other tooth.  I'll have to call and see if I can get in to have it smoothed down or just wait until I go in again on the 27th for my other filling.

Hell's Kitchen is on tonight, but since Melon Man is exhausted and I am trying to get caught up on blogging, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  I was supposed to go to Food Among Friends tonight, but I just didn't feel up to it being so tired and just done at the dentist.  Darn, too.  I was really looking forward to Casserole Night!

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Jennifer said...

The whole poop thing -YUCK!