Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love the Pioneer Woman!

It's here!  My copy of the Pioneer Woman's cookbook arrived today.  The Pioneer Woman is a blog that I read daily.  It's authored by Ree Drummond and it's funny as all get out, plus has a ton of recipes with great instructions, great pictures, etc.  She JUST came out with a cookbook of her favorite recipes.  I had pre-ordered it about a month ago and so I was extremely excited when I got the email earlier this week that it was shipping finally.  The colors in the book are phenomenal.  The photography - classic Ree.  The recipes - made to melt a man's heart.  I read it from cover to cover as soon as I opened it (well, I glanced at all of the recipes, but actually looked at all of the photos and read all the "story" pages). 

Here's hoping I can get my butt in gear and cook a little more and here's also hoping that Melon Man will be like Marlboro Man and propose 17 times per day to me when he eats my her chocolate sheet cake too!

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