Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm in O-HI-O

I woke up this morning and decided I felt okay enough to go to Ohio.  Not perfect, but not so drained that I couldn't attempt it.  Plus, I wasn't bleeding out of control, so, I headed for the airport.  Had I been, uh, yeah, I would NOT have gone.

As I got off the freeway, the traffic suddenly started to come to a grinding halt.  I soon discovered why...

Yes, Air Force 2 was on the ground at the airport.  I had no idea that it would be there so it caught me offguard as it appeared to be doing to a number of drivers ahead of me.

I drove to my parking lot and found a spot to park, got on the shuttle bus to the terminal, and headed inside.  The line to check my bag was so long.  I finally made it through though and headed upstairs to security.  My strength was zapped pretty quickly.  I had decided to check my bag because I just did not have the strength to haul it through the airport.  I was so glad I made that decision - my gate was A30 - the VERY last one in the terminal - the FURTHEST one away from security.  I found a buck in my purse (the only one) and had the motorized cart take me to the gate.  I felt like people were staring at me as if to say - look at that fat girl riding on the cart - she can't even walk to her gate.  Well, it wasn't because I am fat.  It was because had I tried, it would have taken me two hours and I likely would have passed out and dropped to the floor a couple of times.  And, I didn't want that to happen.  Luckily, our plane was late leaving so I didn't have to rush too much.  We were late leaving for some reason but we were soon on our way.  As we left, the pilot told us we were one plane ahead of Air Force 2.  (I wish I could have gotten a picture of that!)  Had we been behind it, we would have been even later because they have to have a certain amount of clear air space after Air Force 2 (or 1) takes off so we would have had to wait even longer.  We had a nice tailwind so we made it to Columbus in a little over 3 hours.  Amazing. 

Now, I'm in my room, watching Dancing with the Stars, eating some Donato's pizza, and trying to get warm.  I am so cold today.  I'm not sure why.  I'm not sick as in sick with the flu or anything, but I am just so cold.  I knew I should have brought my jacket, but I didn't and now I wish I had.

I'm going to bed now.  I'm worn out and tomorrow will be a long day - an 8 hour long class along with dinner out with the group for a few hours afterward.  Need to find some time while I'm here to head next door to Archiver's to see what's new.  Haven't been there in 2 years!  Love that store!

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Angela said...

That's way cool about Air Force 2! Hope your doing okay....