Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Class Rocks!

My meeting in Chicago was great.  It was actually a training class on development planning.  We went through a number of scenarios and discussions and it was really worth the time.  Once it was over, I met up with a few friends from Headquarters and chatted for a few minutes.  Then, off I went to the airport.  Traffic was light so I made good time. 

Once I was at the airport, I got through security and headed for my gate.  I decided to inquire if there was any hope of upgrading to first class.  It hadn't been an option when I checked in last night, so I doubted it would be available today.  The rest of the plane was all booked out too and that meant I would be squished into my 4th to the last row window seat.  When I asked the agent about upgrading he said yes.  I was so happy!  So much more room and comfortable seats.  Plus, I love all the pampering.  The food's not too bad either.  And my butt...well, it fits nicely in that seat and it's not asleep when the flight's over!

The weirdest thing happened while on the plane.  At least I thought it was weird.  We live in a society where cash is the best and most commonly accepted and requested form of payment.  However, as the flight attendant was making their announcement for the "peasants" in coach as my boss calls them (that's where he was sitting on the flight home - ha ha) regarding the beverages and snacks available, they said that the only form of payment available was all major credit and debit cards.  NO CASH.  That really made me think.  Why no cash?  Hard to have enough to make change?  Too much paperwork to do to ensure it's tracked properly?  Someone making off with some of it?  Who knows?  But, it made me wonder just how much longer cash will be a viable form of payment?  I remember watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation with Mr. Spock when we were married and I always thought it interesting that they never had to use actual currency.  Everything was done electronically when it came to money.  Maybe we're starting to head toward that.  It would certainly cut down on the counterfeiting!

I watched Ocean's Eleven on my iPod after eating my First Class dinner and dessert.  Love that movie.  So intriguing to watch.  Didn't quite get to finish it before I had to turn off for landing, but that's okay, I can watch the rest another time.  It was raining in Phoenix when we landed and that was much needed.  I texted Melon Man to let him know where I'd be waiting for him and he was just heading out the door from work so that was good timing.  I sat out in the coolish night air and people watched for a while until he arrived.  We headed home and watched a show for a few minutes to kind of wind down, then went to bed.  Ah, home and my own bed.

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