Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Raining!

I LOVE the rain.  I never really did until I moved to Arizona.  We get so little of it here that I enjoy EVERY SINGLE DROP.  It started yesterday but we didn't get as much as expected.  Today, we've gotten quite a bit more.  It was a slow ride home today - took about 70 minutes rather than the normal 45 minutes or so. 

I have not had the best day today - something that happened at work that really kind of hurt my feelings.  I'm glad I have the day off tomorrow so I can just be home with my honey and relax.  Maybe we will take down the Christmas tree.  Maybe we'll go to breakfast again.  Maybe we'll just chill in our jammies and watch movies all day.  I don't know.

I ordered a new GPS system yesterday.  Got the Garmin 1390T.  It comes with Bluetooth and live traffic as well as Lane Assist.  I'm excited to get it. 

The rain has now either stopped or slowed down enough that I can't hear it anymore.  Darn.  It's rained pretty well for the last two hours.  We so need it.

I think I'll go do some more laundry, wipe down the counters, and turn on American Idol while I make some dinner.  Not a whole lot else to report today.  Just a little down...that's all.

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