Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Linda Lu

This is Linda Lu!  She is the super sweet lady that sent me the fireplace DVD back in November or December when I was so cold before my surgery.  She and her husband, David, are moving to Arizona and so they came on out to find a place to buy.  They met up at Lisa's house for dinner and I was able to join them and get to know them.  They live in Rhode Island.  She was Lisa's friend in high school...oh so many years ago.  We had so much fun laughing.  David is actually from Michigan and knew all of Melon Man's favorite places.  I knew they just needed to meet up and discuss the ins and outs of Michigan!  Maybe we'll be able to hook up again this week before they go home!  Oh...and she made the best cake ever...from scratch.  It was literally to die for.  Linda...please send me the recipe!!!


Cindy said...

Oh, sweet Linda Lu!

Linda Lu said...


That picture turned out really well!
David said, we look like we are related. Are they German? I said, absolutely! We, Germans all look like we are related!

Glad we were able to spend some special time together.

I'll email you the recipe.

Love ya!

Linda Lu