Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Update

Today was our first day of training.  I really wanted to do well at this "game" this time.  I am on a good team of folks and I'm sure we can make some really good decisions and do well. 

After class today, we all met up at Bel Lago for dinner.  I had the walleye to eat and it was quite tasty.  I'd never eaten walleye before, but I had it on good advice that it was delicious - and it was.  On my way back to the hotel from dinner, I used the GPS I'd brought along and found a Payless Shoes to see if I could find a new pair of white tennis shoes since mine had developed a hole in the pinky toe area.  Couldn't find a pair of white ones in my size, but they did have a pair of light blue so I got them.  I also picked up a pair of good walking/exercise sneakers.  I figure if we're going to have to walk around a lot on Mackinac Island, I'd better have a good pair of shoes to do it in.

I found what I needed and I was out the door and back to the hotel.  Didn't get to Catherine's at all during this trip - dang! - but oh well...I probably would have just spent more money than I needed to!

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