Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 5 year anniversary!  We can't even believe it!  Where has the time gone?  We both commented on how fast the time has gone and compared it to how slow the prior time went when we were both previously married to Mr. Spock and 6 foot Sally. 

We knew we wouldn't be able to celebrate tonight because Melon Man has to work, so we went out last night.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We ordered a weird comglomeration of food, but one of the best things was these onion rings.  Two of them came on Melon Man's steak.  He loved them so much that he ordered a plate of them and ate them instead of the fries that came with his steak.  He truly does love onion rings!

When we got home, I found this banner waiting for me - with helium filled balloons.  (They had gone flat by the time I took this picture).  Mr. Melon Man had gone to the party store all by himself and gotten the balloons, banner paper, and anniversary swag thingy.  On the banner he wrote "To the Best Wife Ever."  How sweet is that?  I've since written some extra little notes to him on it.

It's amazing the difference in this marriage than our first ones.  So much more happiness.  Almost no arguments.  Better understanding.  Better relationship.  Better compromise.  More gospel in our home.  It's just so much better!  Love you Melon Man!

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Jennifer said...

Gotta give him the credit. He is much more thoughtful than most men. Kuddos Clintamous!