Monday, September 27, 2010

That Was the Shortest Flight to Chicago Ever!

Melon Man drove me to the airport this morning for my trip to Chicago for the week.  I love it when he takes me.  It gives us more time together.  We may not talk that much on the way, but it just feels good to be together.  I love watching him drive our truck.  So masculine.

He dropped me off at our normal spot and I headed in.  So glad that I was upgraded to first class again.  Just so much more comfortable for my big butt.  I was asleep before we even took off.  I barely even remember lifting off up into the air.  I was just so tired.  I woke up around breakfast time - when the flight attendant was taking orders - and then I promptly fell back to sleep.  She actually had to wake me up when my breakfast arrived.  I ate it and I was immediately back to sleep.  I slept the rest of the way and didn't even realize we had landed until the plane pulled up to the gate and everyone started to get up to get off the plane!  I guess I was just tired.  It was phenomenal...and the shortest flight to Chicago for me ever!

I got my rental car and headed to the hotel.  The leaves here are beginning to change and I was intrigued by them as I drove to the hotel.  I wish we would experience that in Arizona like other parts of the country do.  I arrived at the hotel and immediately went to my room.  I spent about an hour trying to log on to the internet.  Finally, I got on and was just about to start to work on my blog entries from our vacation when I realized I hadn't done my class pre-work for tomorrow's class, so I spent a few hours doing that.  Just ordered some room service and flipped channels while doing so.  But, then I got really tired and fell asleep sitting at the desk. 

Melon Man called and we sort of chatted for a few minutes and then I went back to working on homework.  Now, it's after midnight and I'm headed for bed.  Oh...and by the's 50 degrees here right now.  That means it will get down into the 40s tonight.  LOVELY!

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