Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Rundown

Began the week off with work.  Worked a few extra hours each day because of new deadlines at work.  Ended the week with (only) 7.75 extra hours.  Went to get my hair done on Friday night.  Linda met there to get hers done too.  I love her new color - a beautiful brown with red undertones and blond/red highlights.  Can't wait to see it after a couple of washes. 

Made Melon Man worry and upset because he couldn't get in touch with me all evening.  Learned a valuable lesson - will have to work harder at realizing that just because I tell him something doesn't mean he will remember it, nor can I be lackadaisical about keeping him updated on where I am - especially considering my recent episodes of sleeping in the truck in the driveway.  He was really worried and had every right to be.  It was nice to know though that he worries about me if things are out of the norm.

Slept today until 2:30 p.m.  Guess I really needed it.  Still not feeling up to par.  Still coughing some.  Still have a raspy voice.  Talked with Lisa on Skype.  Fun to be able to see each other while chatting.  Did the bulletin for Ward Conference tomorrow.  Spent a few minutes with Melon Man.  Talked to Jen, Jules, and Kurt.  Left messages for Kev and Dad about fasting for TatoBug tomorrow.  He's not doing well and we fear he has cancer.  He has a softball size lump on the side of his neck and the doctor has asked that they come in to his office for the results rather than give them over the phone.  Not a good sign.  So, I called the family and asked them to please fast tomorrow for Taylor.  I hope Dad got my message.  Didn't leave a detailed message for Kev so he probably won't know to fast unless Dad or Kurt called him and told him since Kev didn't call me back so I could tell him.  Need to be strong for TatoBug and Jen and Shane.

Gonna work on the Ward History tomorrow after church.  It's my first year doing it and I know after just one version what changes in the process need to take place to make this much better and easier for next year.  Just need to implement those changes quickly.

Changed my blog tonight to a Valentine's Day-ish version.  Figured, why not?  Really like it.  I'm finally starting to get faster at creating stuff in Photoshop Elements. 

Off to bed...

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Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for doin this. It is probably the only thing our family has done in unity in a long time.

Love you so much.