Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lady, I Think You Forgot Something...

This morning we met up with Linda and Dave for our monthly Saturday breakfast, but this time, we met at IHOP.  Eggs, pancakes, sausage, and all the other breakfast food made for a yummy gray sky morning.  After breakfast, Linda and I ran up to Kirkland's to browse around and the boys went to Cabela's.  I thought I'd check for a set of nightstands/chests for our bedroom.  I thought I found some, but after looking at the quality of them, Linda helped me decide against them.  I also found some bar stools, but Melon Man wouldn't respond to my texts so I decided that was a sign that he didn't like them.

Next we decided to head for Jamba Juice to get a smoothie.  I certainly did not like my first one - Mega Mango - and took it back.  It was just bland.  The replacement - Peach Perfection - was really good.  So refreshing! 

After Jamba, we headed to HomeGoods.  Love that store!  I just wanted to see what there was for spring or the home in general.  We found tons of fun and cute things!  I wanted to throw so much in the cart!  I finally settled on some cute Easter towels, a stand magnifying mirror for hair plucking, a new liquid soap dispenser, a beautiful shimmery yellow bowl, and oh goodness, what else?  Dang...I can't remember!  Oh was fun shopping!

At one point, I slipped away to use the restroom - the Jamba Juice along with the breakfast food was working together pretty fast against the Del Taco from dinner last night and things weren't smelling too great as we walked up and down the aisles (what...TMI?).  When I came out, Linda was sitting in a recliner laughing almost hysterically, but fairly silently.  Her eyes were watering like crazy and I was like, "what!??!?!"  She flicked her eyes over to the side and I was still like, "what?!?!?!"  Finally, I caught her clues and this is what I saw......
Yes, this woman had toilet paper hanging out of her backside!  We should have told her about it, but we just couldn't.  It was just too funny!  I just had to get a picture of it for the blog.  The things that make us laugh....

After HomeGoods, we stopped at Round K for some sodas and then started the migration home.  As we drove out toward Linda's house, we drove by the new stake center to see the progress since it had been a while since the last time.  The brick on the outside is all done now.  It's supposed to be finished by June so that will be great because it will reduce some of the congestion at our building.
We motored on up to Linda's and this time she showed me a new way to get there.  Along the way we saw this old dead cactus.  It was neat looking, but also kind of sad.  Here in Arizona, the saguaro (sa-wahr-oh) cactus is referred.  It's against the law to shoot at them or harm them in any way.  To transport one, say to have one removed from your property or to move one to your property (after purchasing it from a licensed retailer, of course), it must display the proper tags or else you can be heavily fined.  So, to see this cactus in full dead and decay was sad thinking of how majestic it must have been at one time.
I dropped Linda off at her house, visited with Dave for a little bit, and then headed home.  I planned on coming home and working on cleaning up the office, but I got sidetracked with some genealogy stuff.  Oh well, I guess if you're not going to do your earthly chores, you might as well do your eternal ones!

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