Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight was Pre-Prom!  I rushed home from work to get a few more tickets printed and glitter-spritzed.  Things just weren't working out for me!  Traffic, copier company issues, attitude, time.  All of it was against me.  I finally got the tickets made, got them trimmed, and a bunch glitter-spritzed.  However, it was soon past time to leave for the church.  I took what I had ready and ran out the door.  I made it to the church just in time.

There was a big group of kids already there and more kept showing up.  We started off with a skit portraying a newscast about the prom.  It was quite fun.  Then, there were dating etiquette games and such.  I went and distributed the tickets to the Young Men's presidents and then went back in where the kids were all lined up like this...

They were doing minute dating.  They had a minute to talk to the person across from them and learn more about them.  Then, they would slide to the left and it would start over again.  It was very touching to watch these kids.  Here they are, going through the trials of teenage life, just trying to be good, and they are coming to an activity that is to help them find a date that is also searching for the same thing.  It was cute watching their body language, the smiles, the shyness.  Oh, the memories of being young!

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