Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Melon Man surprised me this morning with fresh beautiful flowers when he arrived home from work.  I, on the other hand, did not have his gift pulled together yet.  What's new about that?  If I look back at my blog, Valentine's Day the last few years has been pretty lame-o from my end - my end meaning doing for Melon Man.  Poor guy.  He's always been the one who does something cool for me and I have just been so busy with work the last 6 years that he's been the unfortunate recipient of the dreaded "Sorry honey" gift.  So, this year, I really tried to put some thought into a gift for him that showed him I loved him and lots of things about him.  He just had to wait for it until he got up in the evening to get ready for work.

I found the perfect card - you know, the one where it says EXACTLY what you think and feel and not just generic love stuff.....

"It's the simple times when we're talking about anything or everything...It's the times we understand each other even when no words are spoken at all...It's the smiles, the laughs, the warm hugs and the sweet kisses, or the joy of just being together...These are the things that really matter to me.  These are the special things that remind me that life is better in so many ways because of you.  I'm so glad you're part of my life.  Happy Valentine's Day"

Then, I wrote the following inside...

"This card says it all.  I knew it was THE card when I read it.  My life IS so much better because you're part of it.  I love the little things you do for me, the way you touch my hand, the way you wink at me, the way you laugh so heartily, the way you make me laugh when you shuffle along like a gumchomper, the way you gobs of mustard on your hotdogs, corn dogs, corned beef, quesadillas, and whatever else, the way you look so manly when you drive our truck or when you wear jeans and boots, the way you love both dogs equally, the fact that you have learned to deal with me and my moods, bossiness, idiosyncracies, and opinions, the way you will do anythign I ask - if I put it on a list, the fact that you love to have intimate moments all the time, the way you're supportive of my long hours, the way you love my family, the way you think of others, your love of the Gospel, and the way you are just you.  Thank you for loving me - I love you."

For his gift, I bought him this:
Yes, a weird pile of goods, I know.  But, truly, this case of mustard will be gone in 6 months.  He loves Clive Cussler books and I was pretty sure he didn't have this one.  We're always thinking about buying these little lasers to play with the dogs but we never buy them, so I finally did.  I also bought him some Butterfinger candybars - his favorite.  And...last, but not least, a bottle of "Some Dude's Fry Sauce".  Now...I guess I don't know Melon Man THAT well because he looked at the bottle all weird with a face that said "why on earth did you buy this for me?" and then told me he doesn't like fry sauce.  I was sure that he did since he always talks about going to Artic Circle when we go to Utah and we need to get some fry sauce.  But, apparently he's just making fun of us Utahns who love fry sauce.  Thinking about this more...I guess I should have known he didn't/wouldn't like fry sauce since he hates anything remotely related to ketchup or tomatoes!

Either way, it was a nice quiet Valentine's Day.  Love you Sweetie!

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