Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi. I'm Dog. And I'm Addicted to Sonic. (Everybody say, "Hi Dog.")

A couple of weeks ago, I took Dog with me when I went to take Holly home after cleaning. I was hungry and wanted to go to Riva's for a carne asada burrito, so I went there after dropping Holly off at her house. Dog moved to the front seat after she got out and was in heaven being king D-O-G. However, once we went to Riva's, he was eyeing my burrito and kept trying to lick the bag it was in. So, I decided that he deserved a Sonic burger. He'd been such a good dog all day that I actually got him two. I got me a big ol' drink at Sonic and he ate his burgers and I ate my burrito. We were sitting there enjoying the afternoon weather and I looked down and saw this picture just begging to be taken - what a crack-up! He looks like he's about ready to take a swig of my drink when I turn away and am not looking! I just had to grab the camera and capture it! seriously make me laugh!

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Casey Lu said...

He is so cute! And I would have to agree, he looks like he would take a swig once you turn around, lol.