Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Video of Japan Tsunami

I just came across this new video of the Japan tsunami.  At first, I was like, it looks like all the other videos out there.  But then, I kept watching and it got worse and worse and worse.  Essentially, the whole town just disappears!  So very sad.  It is amazing watching the water start to flow over the flood walls and push all the cars up against the building, but then it's heartbreaking watching the cars succumb to the power of the water and they get sucked under the building.  The green roof building finally gives way and crashes into the building near it.  The buildings behind the big long white building begin to disappear.  Then, the big long white building gives way and flips backward.  Everything is just disappearing.  The water is black.  No wonder so many people die in these things.  At 4:45 to 4:52 in the video, you can see what looks like people floating along in the water.  I wonder what it was.  I wonder what the person who took this video is standing on that is so permanent that they don't get washed away too.

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