Monday, August 15, 2011

First (Work) Trip of the Year

Well, I'm off to Chi-town for my first work trip of the year.  I made it all the way to August without having to travel!  Once again, I wanted some one-on-one time with the Melon-meister so I asked him to take me to the airport, which he agreed to do.  I was very happy to have been upgraded to First Class.  I like it so much better because the seats just fit me better and I don't feel like I'm impeding on anyone's space, nor do I have to be uncomfortable trying to avoid impeding on anyone.

When we arrived, I dropped my co-worker off at the hotel and I went off to Catherine's to find me some new work flip-flops since I'd broken mine on Saturday.  Surely the store here would have some.  I drove up to Vernon Hills and there were all kinds of signs in the window about huge discounts and such.  Oh no, certainly my favorite Catherine's store wasn't closing, was it?!?!  Yes, it was.  Bummer.  I walked in and was glad to see my pals Dehne (pronounced Denny) and Angie there working.  I've spent quite a few hours with them over the years when I've traveled and shopped there.  I asked what was going on and they told me that management was not renewing the lease because the landlord would not negotiate lower on the price.  I was so bummed.  They were always so friendly to me.  I took a look around the store and they had a TON of good buys.  I bought a "few" things (um, yeah, enough to have to buy another small suitcase), including THREE pair of flip flops! 

It was sad to say goodbye to them but I needed to go back to my room and get working on some work stuff.  I made it back, checked in, and ordered room service.  I ate my dinner, watched Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef while I worked, then just left it on some boring show while I worked until 12:30 a.m. 

Great...I hope I can actually sleep tonight...I never sleep well when traveling...guess I just miss my own bed, miss my Melon Man, miss my dogs, and am afraid the alarm will not go off in time...

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Cindy said...

That dang alarm anxiety thing. Gets me every time.