Friday, October 7, 2011

Mike and Ronda's "The Place"

We pretty much always go to the same place for breakfast with Linda and Dave so today we decided to try somewhere new.  We drove past "Mike and Ronda's 'The Place'" a few weeks ago in the late morning and there was a line outside so it had to be good, right?  Well, today we decided to try it and....well, it was good, and pretty cheap too.  Fast service.  Good value for the money.  We'll go there again.

This was my breakfast...chicken fried steak, eggs, and hashbrowns, plus it came with biscuits and gravy.  The gravy was just a white pepper gravy, but it was good.  And the biscuits...they were hefty.  It was a lot of food for I think, nine bucks.
This was Linda's plate.  She got an omelet and cottage fries, along with biscuits and gravy as well.
Melon Man got the steak.  It was big (but thin) and yummy.  He also got hashbrowns, maybe eggs too, ( I can't recall and don't see them here, and then pancakes.  He didn't care for the pancakes compared to those at The Coral, but the steak was really good.
David got the kielbasa / sausage breakfast with cottage fries, and eggs with his black pepper.  I think he got biscuits and gravy too.  
We will definitely go there's just a little farther away than we typically like to go for breakfast!

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