Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Many Gallons to the Mile?

Tonight I actually left work at 4:45 so I could go to my laser hair removal appointment and then on to Mutual.  I made it just fine to the appointment.  I left there promptly at 5:30. I stopped on my way at El Pollo Loco for a burrito to eat along the way since I hadn't had lunch or breakfast and knew it would be hours until I actually could eat if I didn't.  I had plenty of time to get to the church...

...if only I had known that it would take me over an hour to go less than two miles! 

It was awful.  Everyone was stuck and nobody could really go anywhere except forward.  That's just the way it is where I was.  So, I texted Kelly to let her know I would be late - but I never even made it - it was 7:30 when I finally made it to Grand and since she'd essentially excused me, I continued on home. 

What a night.  I watched and watched as the gauge on the gas tank just kept moving slowly downward and I continued to just creep along.  However, as I sat there moving about the pace of a snail on a sticky pad, I listened to a talk by President Eyring on faith as part of my Personal Progress program.  Thank goodness for smartphones at a time like that!  It was kind of hard to follow at first, but toward the end, I really liked it. 

Essentially, he said that if we read The Book of Mormon with faith that we will find the answers we seek, we will find them.  I always have struggled with reading in that I just don't like to read.  I can read, I just don't find pleasure in it.  It almost feels like I'm squandering my time.  I know that people will disagree with me and tell me how much they love to read and I think it is great that they find enjoyment in it - I just don't and that's okay.  Anyhow, I know that when I do read the Book of Mormon, if I really put my heart and effort into paying attention to what I'm reading, I WILL find the answers I seek.  If anyone out there is reading this...I ask you to do the same so you will be able to know the truthfulness of this book like I do...

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