Tuesday, April 24, 2012



I got an email from Family Search this morning.  Daddo's ordinances have been located and updated in Family Search!  Oh my...the great feeling I have right now is incredible!  For quite some time, our family has wondered why none of them were showing.  We had the info.  Why wasn't it in there?

Finally, this past Saturday, one of my "rabbit holes" appeared and I went down it.  I should have been doing my lesson for church.  I should have been working on the Scrapboffice.  I should have been doing laundry, dishes, or whatever else.  But, apparently, someone else somewhere else had something different in mind for me that day.

So...down the rabbit hole I went and ended up, once again, looking into why Daddo's ordinances were missing from FS.  That then helped me find an option to chat with a family historian missionary, who then called me because the chat convo was so detailed and the situation so different than what he'd ever seen before.  We talked for about 20 minutes, then he fired off an email ticket to the tech folks and said I'd hear something back in 24-48 hours.  Of course, I knew I wouldn't hear back on a Sunday, so I anxiously hoped for new yesterday, but kind of forgot about it until this morning when there it was!  An email from Family Search!  At first, I wasn't thrilled about the reply.  It was simple and seemingly wrong:  "The death date has been added to the membership record of Kurt Emil Abramowski, per your request.  Thank you for the information."  I was like, huh?  I didn't ask to add that info.  But...apparently that was missing and I'd never noticed it before!  And...that was the missing connection to make everything fall into place.  See, if a person has been alive in the last 110 years and there is no death date given, it blocks the system from referencing the "IGI" or database that holds the ordinance information.  So, once the death date was provided, it "unlocked" that link and everything fell into place.

I'm so happy to now see this screen instead of the one we've been seeing for so many years now!

I'm not quite sure why the Sealing to Spouse one has Needs More Information - I think it's because Mamo is showing sealed to Daddo, but Richard is also listed for her as a spouse.  Will have to research that...but for now, I'm a happy person that this other stuff is resolved!

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Cindy said...

OK. That is sooooo weird, because I added his death date one year ago on FS. I wonder why in the world it became so complicated again?????

Thanks for doing it again, and let's hope it stays updated!