Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shine Like the Son

That is our theme for Girls Camp this year - and I LOVE it.  Tonight was Camp Kickoff and it was a lot of fun.  Two of my Laurels were the lead YCLs and they did a great job leading the songs and skit.  I am really impressed with the thought that the Stake Camp Director - MY personal friend, Brenda - and her assistants have put into this year's camp theme.  Brenda did a great job introducing the theme this evening.  It is "Shine Like the Son."  I LOVE it!  She talked about how the colors for this year's camp are yellow and blue and how they represent Divine Nature and Good Works from the Personal Progress program.  There were fun camp songs and spiritual thoughts and a great story that I wanted to share in this entry.  (However, I am having to blog this a couple weeks later and now I can't remember the story!  Drat!)

I have been helping out with some things for camp - but we don't want the girls to see them yet so I can't post them.  When I am back from camp, I will.  But, I just wanted to document that it's funny how the Lord works in our lives.  Little miracles just pop up, especially when you least expect them.

Okay, okay...so you talked me into showing something I've been working on so I can share my miracle.  I call it ... the miracle of the jump rings.

We're making some cute little necklaces for our ward girls and they are made out of these bottle caps...
Well, I suggested that we use jump rings for them versus the other method that was going to be used so they would lie flat rather than twist.  I offered to drill the holes in the bottle caps and put the jump rings on.  
When I got the bottle caps home and began to work on them, I searched for the "big bag" of jump rings I just knew I had, but all I could find was a tiny little bag of them...32 to be exact...which was the exact number I needed. How weird is that?!?!

I love focusing on the Lord and on the girls...it makes my life feel more in tune and more meaningful.  I am looking forward to camp and being a cabin mom for the 4th year girls.  I hope it's cool up there and that not only the girls, but I as well, draw closer to our Savior during these few days.  I know I sure could use some Savior and me time.... 

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