Thursday, June 14, 2012

Countdown - T Minus 2 Days

A while back, my cousin Cindy posted on her blog about attending a "Laurel Shower" with her daughter, Christine.  At first, to be honest, I was kinda like, huh?  But as I read and re-read the post and thought about my own Laurel girls, I felt impressed that we should try doing something similar with them.  The world is becoming more and more wicked and the choices these young women have to make really should be easy, but with peer pressure more than ever and Satan working so hard to bring them down, the choices they face have become harder and harder.

Sometimes I see bits and pieces of my own life in these young women.  Sometimes I see bits and pieces of them in me.  And every Sunday, when I try to teach them some good Gospel principal, I hope and pray that it finds a little place in their brain and in their heart and stays there forever and that they will someday think back and say, "ah, Sister V taught me that."

Well, back to the whole Laurel shower idea....

So, I suggested having one for our Laurels.  I'm not sure how well the idea was received, but I was approved to move forward with it.  So, I've been working on the decor and the food and the invites and such and everything is coming together.  It's just two days away and I still have a number of things to do - mainly clean up this catastrophe of a house.  I'll post more when the shower actually happens, but for now...this is a sneak peek...
The invitation.  Of course, the blurred out sections have our name, address, and phone number.

The beginnings of the pom poms that will be hanging around the house.  This one is only half "fluffed."

These are three of the small pom poms.  At first, I was going to put rhinestone gems on all of the ribbons, but then after doing it on two of them, I decided I didn't like them - but they weren't easy to get off so I just left them on those two.  I finally finished my temple picture, too, that I bought for a Super Saturday project a couple years ago.

The hanging tag that will hang on the "gift" I am giving them.

The stack of boxes of gifts all ready to be wrapped with tulle.

Six of the ten boxes of gifts wrapped with tulle bows.

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