Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim Party

Tonight for Mutual, we had a swim party at the Bishop's house.  There were a lot of the youth there, including at least 2 non-members and another young man from outside our ward.  It was really good to see the kids having such a fun time.  I got there about 10 minutes late, but Kelly and Amanda had already been pulled, pushed, or prodded into the pool.  Soon the YM President got pulled in too.  I took my watch off and put it and my special car key into a safe place just in case I got thrown in too, but I think the kids still don't know how to read me - they probably thought I would be upset if I got thrown in since I wasn't in a swimsuit...but, I would have probably laughed my head off instead!  Maybe another time.  I'm just glad that those there had a fun time.  The Bishop and his wife made snowcone/icy things for everyone.  Mine was Tiger's Blood and Cream and was DELICIOUS!  I wish I'd taken some pictures, but I didn't.  What a fun memory!

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