Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vacation - Day 6 - Weight Loss Update

This morning started off with waking up wondering what time it was, why Melon Man was still home, and going outside in my underwear.

I woke up, it was still dark, and I wondered what time it was.  I felt over to Melon Man's side of the bed, and he wasn't there.  He didn't have to be to work until 8, so that was a little early for him to be up.  He came walking in from the bathroom and crawled back into bed.  I asked him what time he was getting up.  He said 5:30.  I rolled over and saw that it was 5:10.  At that point, I wondered why bother coming back to bed?  But, he can easily fall back to sleep and then get up when he needs to.  Me...not so much.  If it had been me, I would have ended up taking the 20 minutes to get back to sleep, then playing tag with the snooze button for 45 minutes.  

Anyway, he went back to sleep, but then my bladder was awake so I had to get up.  You can tell our home is 11 years old this week...the toilet in our bathroom is having some problems and Melon Man needs to go to Lowes or ugh...Home get a part for it, so we're having to use the guest bathroom.  I meandered in there in the dark to take care of business and what do I hear?  The sprinklers in the front yard going.  Why?  They aren't supposed to go on until 8:30 a.m. so they don't get water all over my car.  I was in the bathroom for 10 minutes and they should have gone off by then.  Nope.  So, I threw on a long shirt and some flip flops and headed out through the garage to turn off the water.  Would the controller turn it off?  Nope.  Had to turn off the actual water line - again.  And, were they actually spraying?  Nope.  The one that gets run over sometimes was bubbling all over the place.  Yay, great, broken again.  We just had winter lawn put in on Tuesday - now it was all washed away down the street.  Crap.

Anyhow, I came back into the house, opened up the front door, opened up the back door, and let in all the fresh, clean, cool air.  It was lovely.  Then, I crawled back into bed.  And then, Melon Man got up.  Drat.  So, I laid there and read through my lesson for this Sunday.  Then, I fell back to sleep.  Soon, he was kissing me goodbye.  By the time I woke up, it was almost 10 a.m.!

So, I got up, closed up the house, turned on the A/C, and blogged about yesterday.  Then, I got dressed and went to the doctor's office to get some labs done to see how my uric acid level is weigh myself.  I'm finally feeling like I've lost "some" weight - but I was nervous to get on the scale because I was afraid I hadn't lost any and it was all my imagination.  But....

I lost another 8 pounds!  That's 17 so far in 6 weeks.  That's almost 3 pounds a week.  I can handle that!  But, I'm sure it's not going to continue like that forever.  But, I'm committed to keep trying, that's for sure.

Well, to the room from hell...I only got some more shredding done today.  I'm up to bag 9.  And...I vacuumed...

A 3 day comparison.  I three days I should have more done.  But, I didn't.  It really does take a long time to go through all the papers we had and then to shred them all.  We really progressed when Melon Man was here to help me.  I get too easily sidetracked with things like...blogging...otherwise.
Oh...and I guess he and I both win regarding the garage sale...when I left to go to the doctor's, I noticed the sign for the community yard sale is up and it's this weekend!  Awesome!  That means I don't have to make signs and go put them up!!

On a side note...our next door neighbor's house finally sold.  I met the "project manager" from the "rental company" (oh, yay...not!) today after coming home from the doctor's.  It sold after about 135 days on the market.  I guess that's not too bad, all things considered regarding the Arizona housing market. sold for $108,000.  That sucks.  That is $3K higher than what it was originally listed for though, so I guess there is hope that someday in the hopefully not too far future that home prices here will go up enough that my mortgage broker brother will be able to refi our house without requiring a buydown...

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Lisa Tucker said...

Wow!! Good for you. This is great news. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you!