Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Swimming and La Frontera No Mas!

After the baptism, we came over to Kevin and Jodi's (and Kurt and Angie's) ward building for a brunch.  It was fun just sitting around talking.  Tanner and Julie...
Cristobal and Jack
Dilly Pickle Boy
Shannon and Colton
All of Ari's cousins!
And, of course, the crazy picture...
Uncle Gary, Kevin, Angie (what are you doing with your tongue, girl!?!), and Kurt sitting around chatting.
Psycho Scooter face!  This kid is a riot.  He continuously cracks me up!
Here's another Scooter face!
Uncle Melon Man and Frog
Super cute Frog!
Me with Kurt.  Hey...I guess the 30 pounds I've lost have gotten rid of one of the chins!  Woo hoo!
Jennifer - her hair is always cute...and so are her clothes.
Kevin and me...oh, there's that other chin of mine...

We tried for 6 hours to decide where to go for dinner that night.  In the end, we ended up at La Frontera.  Let's just keep it short and was a major fiasco getting in with 25 people...even though we called ahead and told them we were coming.  Oh well.  Needless to say, we won't be going there again.

This first picture is of Ari and her friend.
Cristobal and Scooter
Dolly and Dilly Pickle Boy
Frog with a sore nose
Kevin and Jodi...argh, ahoy matey
A better pic of Kev, albeit blurry
Jennifer and Shane
Kurt and Angie
And Melon Man actually got a decent picture of me!
After the restaurant, we headed to the hotel again where there was lots of swimming going on again!

Does my hair look okay?
I love watching and observing all of these kids together.  How fun is it that cousins can be together like this and love each other so much!  Memories to last forever...

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