Sunday, March 24, 2013

San Diego, Day 3

Since today is Sunday, it's not really a day that we will do anything spectacular because it's the Sabbath.  We did have to go somewhere to eat though, so we went to a new place - World Famous - which was recommended by our friends, the Vests.  It was really good.  We think we have a new place to eat now!

After breakfast, we came back and showered and such.  Then, we decided to go cruise around.  We thought about going to the Mormon Battalion museum and Old Town.  So, we drove over there but there were a lot of people for some reason so we just bagged it.  We thought about going to see Jenn and David, but I hadn't brought their info with us and honestly, I was just too melancholy to visit with people.  Maybe next time.

We ended up doing nothing really and just headed back to the hotel.  We had some lunch at a different restaurant at the hotel and it was better, but still not great.  The food was okay, but the service awful.  We came back to the room and just relaxed.  It was weird that tomorrow is already time to go home.  We ordered room service for dinner instead of venturing out.  We just didn't feel like it.  The sunset tonight was incredible except that there was a thick marine layer on the horizon.  Enjoy the pictures...

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