Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday was a lovely day. The temperatures here in the Phoenix area have finally started to cool down and it was only up to about 84 degrees during the warmest part of the day. Notice I didn't say "hottest part of the day?" It's still early today and I have the front door open and a few windows. It's only about 57 degrees and I'm actually quite cool - enough that I feel like putting on something a little warmer!

Anyhow, I'm so appreciative of the cooler weather. One of the great things about the cooler weather is that the water that comes out of the tap when we're brushing our teeth is actually cool now rather than yucky warm! I so look forward to cool water each fall. Brushing your teeth with warm water all summer really stinks.

I've taken a few days off work for this week (W, TH, F) and am able to be home with C for the last 5 days of his vay-kay. Yesterday, we went to breakfast (at noon) at IHOP, then to Diane's Ribbons and Notions down in the barrio and it was certainly an experience trying to find it, but when we did, it was a little adventure wandering up and down the aisles looking at everything. Bought about 20 rolls of ribbon - pretty close to "cost" and then also bought a package of Swarovski crystal flatbacks so I can make my own sparkly t-shirt. Just trying to figure out what I want it to say. Do I want it to be scrapbook related or something else? This summer, the girls in the stake went to girls camp and the theme was Daughters of the King. The cutesy stuff the leaders did for them related to princesses and they had tiaras for them and everything. I was thinking of doing a shirt that says Daughter of the King, but I'm not sure.

After Diane's, we went to Lowes and got stain for the armoire that we bought at a garage sale for $25 and are in the process of refinishing. C's done a very nice job. He stripped off all of the old yellowish pine color and coating and it's down to the bare pine now. I'm going to restain it in a Red Mahogany color so it will fit more of our color scheme in our house now. Wow...brain bulb...maybe I'll restain the buffet too! And, if he ever gets the kitchen table and chairs stripped, that's probably the color I'll do those in too! Hmmm...maybe I SHOULD have bought the big can of stain like he said to do! Dang, I hate it when he knows best!

We also bought some bug spray as we've been noticing a lot of bugs (argh - roaches) outside on the patio. That's just one of the horrible things about living in Arizona - roaches. So, when we got home, he went out and sprayed the patio. Later, he went out for something and he mentioned a bunch of dead roaches out there. Well, when we went to bed, there were a lot, but this morning, there are TONS of them! It's so gross!!!!! They are everywhere!!! Yuck! At least they are all dead though! Ew, I want to throw up!

Next we went to Best Buy and bought a DVD lens cleanere - 22 bucks! Ouch! I guess that's cheaper than buying a whole new DVD player though. We've recently put a couple of DVDs in to watch them and the player says it can't read them. It could before, so I'm hoping it's just dust. Could very well be since we recently had the flooring in the house replaced and the house was covered in dust. So, we'll try that and see how it goes.

Moving on...our Gospel Doctrine teacher is so awesome. She gives great lessons and then she gives an assignment for the week (along with the reading assignment for next week!). During the week, she sends out an email reminding us of the assignments and shares a quick thought. The reading assignment for this week is Acts 21-28 and is about Paul and his trials and tribulations he suffered while serving the Lord. I'm so excited to read these chapters because I've gone through a lot of trials in my life and now I face one with serving the Lord in my new calling as HFPE leader. I'm trying to come up with something that will make the sisters WANT to come to HFPE. I know this calling is for me - for me to get to know the sisters more and draw closer to them so I feel more at ease and peace in this ward. But to get to know them, it will help if they show up for enrichment. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them in the comments!

Well, let's see what's on the docket for today...

Go to the bank
Switch out the internet from Cox to Qwest
Put away laundry
Put away Dad's bed (love our Aero Bed!)
Clean up the scrapbook room
Decide for sure if we're going to the ward campout or not tomorrow (it's out in the middle of nowhere with no water, tables, campsites, toilets (they're bringing in portapotties-ew, gross), and not a lot of room for everyone to pitch tents or put trailers. So...who knows if we're going. We keep discussing it, etc.

Hope you have a great day and please post how the Lord touched your life today!

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Cindy said...

Okay-1st comment: DON'T CHANGE THE BUFFET! It's perfect how it is. I don't like how my mom changed the treadle sewing machine to that stain. It took away it's integrity. Let the buffet be an accent piece.

When did you get wood floors, and where did you put them?

HFPE will come to you. Let it flow!