Saturday, December 29, 2007

Red Wings vs. Coyotes

One of the "perks," I guess, of being in the position I am at work is that 1) we have tickets to sporting events which we can use for recognition of employees OR use ourselves (the Senior Staff can), and 2) I am the one who distributes such tickets so I always get to see what games are available before everyone else and select the tickets I want.

Well, about 4 months ago or so, our Phoenix Coyotes tickets arrived. I glanced through them to see what was available and saw that we had tickets this time to a game against the Detroit Red Wings! I was psyched! Clint is a Michagonian and as such is totally devoted to one of the best major league hockey teams ever - the Detroit Red Wings - even though he's not a sports nut. I thought I would surprise him for Christmas with tickets to the game even though he told me the first (and only) time that we went to a Phoenix Coyotes game, that he wasn't really into hockey all that much and didn't need to go again. I thought for sure though he'd be excited since it was the Red Wings.

We've recently been inviting Craig and Lisa to Diamondback games with us when we can and so, of course, I wanted them to go with us to this game too! However, there were only 2 tickets. Oh, and by the way, these seats are great. They are center ice and just 3 rows below the concourse, in the lower bowl. You can really see the action and it's not a hike back up the stairs to go to the food or bathrooms! Anyhow, we only get two tickets. The other 2 tickets go to another part of the company. I was bumbed! BUT, I started making phone calls and was able to swap another game for those two additional tickets!

Well, I brought the tickets home and left them in my truck. When C and I went to go get some dinner that night he saw them. Dang! To my sadness, he wasn't too excited about them. He said, "I'm just not into hockey all that much." Yeah, but Honey, these are the Red Wings! I thought you liked them! should have seen him the night of the game! The guy would not stay in his seat! He kept waving his hat around, cheering for the RWs, screaming for them, booing the Coyotes, etc. all with a bunch of Coyote fans all around him. I couldn't believe it!

The RWs scored the first goal. Then, we scored two! Then a long time went by with no goals, then the RWs scored again and again, and, again. The last goal - well that one should have never happened! Where in the heck was our goalie?!?!?!? Nowhere to be found. The RWs were out of control! And in Red Wing tradition, someone even threw an octopus on the ice! The fans (and okay, where did all of them come from? They were EVERYWHERE!) were screaming and cheering and jumping out of their seats. It was over....we lost.

But, there was my little bald, I hate hockey, husband, joining in with the RW fans, screaming, cheering, and jumping out of his seat...egging Lisa and Craig and me on. Rubbing it in our faces that we lost. WHAT-EV-ER. I was just happy to see him enjoying a sporting event so much!

Oh, and honey, THANK YOU SO MUCH for surprising us with the hot chocolate. It warmed us right up and was so very thoughtful! So, I guess we forgive you.

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Cindy said...

I Love It. And we are great hockey fans, but our team is the Ducks! I even fly a flag outside on game day!