Sunday, December 30, 2007

Has it Already Been A Year?

Today is our one year anniversary of going to the Jordan River temple to be sealed. What a great day that was. I still remember the day as if it were yesterday.

It was a cold, crisp December morning (the total opposite of when I did that the first time in ALL ways). The sun was shining and sky blue and bright. The mountains had snow on them and it was cold enough to see your breath. The temple looked as beautiful as ever and it felt SO GOOD to be walking up to it with my sweetheart by my side. After all, this was the temple that I had dreamt of, all my life, of being married in.

We presented our clearance letters inside and soon parted ways to go get dressed. I got to dress in the bride's room for as the sister said to me when I told her I wasn't a bride - "Honey, but today you ARE a bride." I had never thought of it that way before, but I guess I was! As I looked at the chandeliers in the bride's dressing room (which my mom had broken one when she was cleaning it during the preparation for the temple dedication), I felt my mom's presence there. (That was the first time I had ever felt her near me since she had died.) The sisters were so sweet to me. After I was dressed, I met up with Clint and we were able to spend about 30 minutes together alone, contemplating, meditating in the most beautiful room of the whole building.

Eventually, we were taken to the room where my family was waiting. There I saw my dad, my brothers and sisters and their spouses, my Aunt Katherine and Uncle Gary, and my friend Shelli and her husband who had driven all the way from Vegas to be there. We had the largest sealing room in the temple for just the small amount of us, but it was still wonderful. The officiator was fantastic and he got my name right with no problem. It was so weird to be called by my maiden name again. I hadn't heard that as a reference to me forever, but it was so nice because there was absolutely no reference to the "other" name which I had lived with for the last 15 years.

As Clint and I were there, holding hands, looking at each other, once again, I had the most wonderful peace come over me and I KNEW that we were doing the right thing - kind of like the feeling I had on our 2nd date when he was holding my hand and it felt so natural and right and I KNEW we were going to get married. (I wish I'd listened to the feeling I had the first time I had gone through this experience; actually, I wish I'd listened to the feeling I had the day I got married the first time and maybe I wouldn't have had to go through all the heartache I did! But, those experiences I've had in the past are what has made me who I am; a stronger, more resilient woman of God.)

As I looked into Clint's eyes that day, and he looked into mine, there was a special peace that I felt. It was the most wonderful feeling ever. It is one I will never forget and I'm sure one that I will reflect back on to get me through the hard times that may come. As we walked out of the temple that day, I felt such a wonderful spirit. I often think how Mom would have been so happy to see me happy finally and I wish she could have been there...but then I remember...she was. Oh....and the "coolest" thing about that day...we were the very last couple to be sealed in that temple for the year!

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