Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yeah...I got my iPod for Valentine's Day! I have been wanting one of these for quite a while now. I kept telling Clint and telling him, but he never got it for me. So, a few days ago, I ordered it myself. The FedEx man brought it yesterday just before we were to leave for the temple. I kind of gave C a hard time about a cute way. As I opened the packing box, the conversation kind of went like this:

K: "Baby, look! You had it gift wrapped! And, it's red, just like I wanted! And, there's a card! It says, 'Enjoy this! Happy Valentine's Day. Always and forever. Love, Clint'"
C: "It does not say that."
K: "Yes, it does! See?" (handing him the card)
C: "How'd you do that?"
K: "I didn't, you did!"
C: "Hmmm."
K: "Oh, Baby, you had my iPod engraved!"
C: "What?!? Nut-uh."
K: "I love it! It says, 'For my doll. Love, Clint. Happy Valentine's Day!"
C: "No, it doesn't."
K: "Yes, it does!" (handing him the iPod)
C: (Dumbfounded look on his face) "Well, I guess I did okay."

I got him 3 cards that were meaningful about my love for him. I didn't get him a gift because I just couldn't come up with anything that he'd said he wanted. He kept telling me he just couldn't think of anything. When I came home, as I opened the garage door, four cute little valentine's hung by fishing line from the door. Loved it! He always comes up with cute ideas to express his love. I'll have to post a picture another time from what he did last year or the year before. So cute! He also brought me a huge bear when he came home from work.

At work today, Tina decorated my office for my birthday since I won't be there tomorrow. It was really cute. She had a ton of red and white balloons with long ribbons hanging down all touching the ceiling. Remember the floating candles in the first Harry Potter movie? That's what it reminded me of! Sad news though as the morning progressed....Tina's father passed away. It was heartbreaking to watch this girl, usually so full of life, fall apart. She and her father have not been close most of her life. Only recently has she started to spend time with him. Well, he's been struggling with his health a lot recently and he finally decided the other day to stop his meds and chemo. He died two days later. I hope that some of the things we talked about before she got the word that he'd died will help comfort her in her time of sorrow. I'm so grateful that I have the Gospel in my life and that I know I will be with my family again after I die. Every time I go to the temple, I understand so much more about the plan of salvation and am so grateful for the Savior. I think that's what helped me get through my mom's death so much more easily than I thought I would.

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