Friday, February 15, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me! Clint got me the entire collection of Friends DVDs. He has a really good memory. I'd pointed these out to him just once or twice a LONG time ago and he remembered that I'd said I'd like them. I just need to get him to watch them with me! Maybe if he watches them from the beginning, he'll think they're funny like I do. You have to watch them from the beginning to REALLY get to know, understand, and love the characters. Julie sent me $30 to get a pedicure and Dad gave me a CD with my wedding pictures that he found on his computer. Yeah!

Clint had to work today so Dad and I got to hang out together all day. We worked on installing the new shower door for the guest bathroom (FINALLY!) and it's going to be beautiful! We also went and picked up my new glasses (see pic below) and went to Chompies for lunner. Yum!

We missed going to the Crockett's party because it was so late when we got back and we still had TONS to do to get him ready to go home tomorrow. It was a pretty good birthday...I'm 39 today. I can't believe it. Forty is just around the corner....I don't think that one will be hard. The one I'm worried about is 41. That just means I'm on the downside to 50! Oh my freakin' heck. Seriously. Where has life gone?

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