Thursday, March 6, 2008

March HFPE is Over...Time to Start on April's!

Just got home from HFPE. My new friend, Casey, did a great job teaching her first SBing class - Scrapbook 101 for the sisters in the ward. She looked like a natural! Ginger's class (another SBing friend) was enjoyed by all the sistas and they loved her little accordian album. My presentation on Family History Scrapbooking seemed to go over well too. I know creating the presentation certainly piqued my desire to work on my own family history and FH scrapbooks!

I was disappointed that so many sistas signed up to come and then didn't show. Maybe they had something come up. It happens. Still, with Casey, Ginger, and me, there were 29 ladies. We have been having about 24-36 show. Hopefully, next month's will bring a lot more. It's our RS Commemoration HFPE and we're going on a cruise around the world to visit some of our other RS sistas.

I was so happy that Casey and Ginger agreed to help out. They are both VERY VERY talented SBers and they put together some incredible kits. SO CUTE!

I have only recently gotten to know Casey - in fact, just in the last two weeks since I asked her to teach - and I am in awe of her. She is talented, well-spoken, very sweet, and her testimony is stronger than she knows. She came over on Monday night of this week to pick up some more paper for the kits and we talked for over 4 and a half hours. I couldn't believe that we talked that long (in my messy office, no less)! It surely didn't seem like that long...maybe 2 hours. It was midnight when she left and her husband, Ehren (cool spelling, huh?!?) was still up waiting for her. C had gone to bed, but was actually awake when I went in to go to bed. He and I talked for a little bit and then I started noticing that I was saying stuff that wasn't making sense. Guess I was tired! Anyhow, I think Casey and I will be good friends.

I can't believe how fast this Sunday is coming. I leave for Chicago (sometime) that day and will be there for 4 days, then head off to Columbus, Ohio, again for 2 days. I love both cities, but I think I'm most in love with Ohio. The pace of life is slower there and more pure. When I came home from Ohio a week ago, the difference was so apparent to me. First, I noticed that where Columbus only had 2-3 lanes on their freeways, there were SEVEN lanes on my side of the freeway on the way home here in Phoenix. It was brown here, green and white there. Cars clip along at or just above the speed limit in Ohio, but exceed the speed limit by 20-30 mph here. Restaurants get busy here at 4:30 and continue until 7 or 8; they don't start getting busy there until 7 and dinner there is something to be savored and enjoyed with your family and friends, whereas here, it's hurry up, eat, get home. I love the rolling hills, the green meadows, etc. Sure, "Columbus proper" isn't the best place, but New Albany, where my work is, is gorgeous. I would certainly have to live out "in the country" as they say there, but that wouldn't be a problem for me because out "in the country" is only like 30 minutes from Easton where I stay and shop when I go there. Plus, they have an "Archivers" there and I love shopping there for SBing stuff! (Can't wait to go again next week!)

C should be home from work soon and then we're going to go get some din-din. Late, I know, but we're probably both starving (not by the looks of it, but the tummy is a-growlin'). Until he arrives, I'll work on updating some older posts. Thanks for checking my blog every day even though I haven't been good at updating it lately!


Casey Lu said...

I am seriously blushing are too kind! Thanks for asking me, I had lots of fun and was very happy to meet some of the sisters that I didn't know! It was really great to see Ginger!I can't wait to pull out my box of vintage photos and start working on them. I really need to get my hubby's family history going so I can add it all to the pics. I can kick myself now for returning that BH book and then months later getting all my hubs family photos. Oh well. Thanks for being you! I just love ya!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Casey great? She doesn't even know how great she is. I love her.
I am not a scrapbooker and I even thought it was fun! I just visited and checked out everyone else's fabulous ideas.
You are so good at this calling. So good!!! I can't wait for April!!!