Friday, March 7, 2008

Updated Blog Entries

So I know I've been a slacker on blogging, but I've hardly been around to do it. So, here are the entries I updated last night. Will try to get to somemore tonight.

  • March 6th
  • February 22nd (Actually marked Feb 20 in title)

Random memory #1: When I was in 11th grade, I was selected as a delegate to Girls' State which was held in Cedar City, Utah, at the college there. I didn't really enjoy my experience as I'm not really into politics...maybe that was the beginning of that for me. Normally, all of the girls would ride back home on the bus that brought them there. But, my parents were awesome and came to get me. I was an only child for the weekend. At first, I LOVED it! But as the two days wore on, I was incredibly sad that I was all alone. I couldn't wait to get back to my brothers and sisters! often do you hear people make that statement when you come from a larger family?


Jennifer said...

I remember that. We all had to stay at Aunt Katherine's and we were all upset that you guys went and had fun and we had to sit home. Spoiled girl! LOL

Cindy said...

Yeah--I'm so glad you are catching up on your blog. We only have 3 enrichment nights a year now with all the sisters. But we have smaller activities all through the month that meet a ton of individual needs of the sisters in the ward. Call me and I'll tell you about how they do it. It is a lot less stressful on the enrichment leader and counselor and meets more needs of everyone else, plus it gets more sisters involved, which is the whole idea! I LOVE this 'new' take on HFPE!