Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh Goodness...It's Been a While Since I Posted!

Catching up on some entries...

Mar 2nd: Chicken Fricassee, Yum!

My mom used to make this french chicken fricassee dish when I was young and it was absolutely one of my favorite meals. I really didn't care for the chicken part of it...all I wanted to eat was the noodles and gravy, along with some peas. I have been CRAVING this meal so badly lately, but I don't know how to make it. The only person I know that knows how to make it is Auntie Sigie. So, since she's getting older and hasn't been feeling so well, I decided to call her and get the recipe and instructions for making it.

I made it for dinner and it was SO good. C didn't care for it that much, but I think as long as I don't make it a lot, he will be okay eating it once in a while. I even ate some of the chicken, but I'm still a noodles/gravy girl and can't wait to keep eating it for lunch this week.

C and I went to church and it was so good. (Unfortunately, I'm writing this about 2 weeks after the fact because I've been so busy and traveling so much, that I've forgotten why it was so good! Maybe it was something that one of the speakers said that touched our hearts about the situation with Zaden.) We are still so very sad today and we are just frightened for his well-being and safety. Neither of us feels like going to work tomorrow, so we will just stay home and be with one-another while we try to work through this.

Mar 1st: When You Want to Wallow in Your Sorrows, Head for The Golden Corral

Bad, bad day. Last night, we were 7 short hours away from heading out to Utah when Jen called and said it was over and Z was gone. Read more about that here. So, after a restless night, this morning we headed to The Golden Corral to eat breakfast. That didn't make a whole lot of sense - go to a buffet to wallow - we were too sad to really enjoy the plethora of food available to us and didn't really eat hardly anything. We left and went for a drive. We ended up out by the house we built recently (and didn't end up buying). We walked through some other new houses that we really like - but, it would have just been an impulse purchase and a house is far different than something like a pair of new shoes or such when it comes to impulse purchases. We headed home and just moped around the house. Finally, around 8:30 or so, we decided to go get some dinner. We went to Friday's - again, the wrong place to go when you're sad and just want to eat and be sad. The waiter came up pretending to be Dracula and I must have given him the look of death for he finally caught on and just took care of us. What a crappy day.

Feb 29th: Yeah, it's Finally Friday!

Oh my's amazing how slow the week can be when you're traveling and just want to get home! Not a whole lot to write about...just glad to be home with my sweetie! Tonight am getting some laundry done and our suitcase packed to head to Utah in the morning to go get Zaden. It's going to be a sleepless night waiting for 3 a.m. to get here so we can head out!

Feb 28th: Happy Birthday Ang!

Wow, how time flies! I can't believe you're SO old already! May you have a wonderful day! I'll be thinking about you and will call you tonight - all the way from Columbus (and Phoenix - as I head home today)!

Flew home and all the way kept thinking about everything I need to do to get ready to go get Zaden this weekend. I can't believe that in 2 days, he will be with us! Oh, and yes, it did snow while I was in Ohio! Yeah!!! Loved it!!!

Feb 27th: Archivers, Here I Come!

I LOVE Archivers! It is a scrapbook store in Easton shopping center right next to my hotel. It is a fantastic store. Every time I come to Columbus, I try to make it over there and take in a project or two. This time, I bought a Bo-Bunny brand "word album". It's made of chipboard and each sheet has a letter of a work cut out of the far right end of the piece of chipboard and then when you put the piece all together, it spells the word. I bought the "family" album. Once you get the album, you trace the page onto the back of a piece of patterned paper and then you gluestick the patterned paper to the front of the chipboard page. Then you add photos and embellishments to each page, insert the binder rings in the holes along the left side and voila! You have a really cute album! I only got the pages traced and cut out by the time I left the store. Over the next couple of nights, I will get the patterned paper adhered to the chipboard and then I will have to add photos when I get home. Maybe I'll have pictures of Zaden soon to add to it!

Feb 26th: Meetings All Day

Just a day full of meetings. Learned a lot about the status of UDA (our new business process) and how it's coming along. Long day. Wanted to go to Archivers, but didn't feel like it. Jennifer called tonight and asked if we are still interested in taking Zaden. My answer was an immediate yes! More here.

Feb 25th: Ohio, Here I Come!

Today I flew to Columbus, Ohio, for a work meeting. Flying there is an all day thing. I seriously need to lose weight. My butt is so tight in those seats and it's uncomfortable the whole way there (and back). I took my iPod with me and I was so glad that I'd downloaded a movie to watch. I slept for part of the way from the time we took off until about midway through the flight and then I watched The Bourne Ulimatum. It was FANTASTIC! Very action packed. I hear there is another one coming out soon called The Bourne Conspiracy. I believe that will be the end of the series. Darn. Those flicks are awesome! When I landed in Ohio, it was just kind of cool and dreary. I hope it will snow while I am here!

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Glad you got us a little updated. It sounds like such fun good things going on in your life. Can't wait to hear about them!