Thursday, August 7, 2008

32 Hours Straight

My boss gave me the day off.

Thank goodness.

Today is Thursday...I think. I'm not quite sure. The date on the computer says it is August 7th which a calendar says is Thusday, but I really am not positive.

Yesterday at 2 pm, I finished working 32 hours straight. Yes, that's right...32 hours. It's a long story as to why I had to work that long, so I won't go into it, but all I can say is WHEW!...and...I was TIRED. So tired, in fact, that when I finally got home yesterday around 3:00, I sat down on the couch, made it through 15 minutes of "Friends" and then was out. C let me sleep there until 7 pm and then he woke me up to go to bed. We crawled into bed and I was out again within just about 2 minutes. I slept until 2 am when I suddenly woke up wondering what time it was. I went back to sleep immediately, ignoring the urge to get up and go to the tinkletorium, and then finally woke up and got up at 6:45 am. I wish I could have slept even more, but my back was hurting from laying there so long.

It's now 9:15 am and after watching some tv this morning, I decided to get up and come on in here. The truck still hasn't been fixed. It's driveable, but I don't want to risk getting a ticket for a broken taillight, so I can't go anywhere. I have a few places I'd like to go, but maybe C and I can go after he gets home from work.

Still haven't heard from Brother Bailey about why he wants to meet with us. Still lovin' the new table and chairs. Found out that our hutch was damaged when they received it from the Ashley warehouse so they had to order a new one. Would love to go to the temple today...dang, don't have a vehicle. Need to still sell the old table and chairs. Selling it for $75. Know anyone that would like to buy it? A good coat of black paint and some new fabric would make it brand new! It's perfect for a scrap room or eating area. Okay...those were some very random thoughts...must still be tired.

My SIL, Jodi, had this thing on her blog that told her the "real" meaning of her name...Master Blogger. I decided to try it out and see what my name means....

your name's Secret Meaning is...
"A Nudist"

Well...isn't that just lovely? Kind of accurate too. If I were skinny, I'd love to be a nudist. There is just nothing more freeing than walking around naked! I would have loved to have been chosen to be Eve - just for that reason.

Not a lot else happening. Just looking forward to spending the afternoon and evening with my honey.


Jodi said...

I think that our meaning to our names should be switched. I'm always naked and I have a tuff time blogging.

Cindy said...

I looked mine up and it was something about the bells tolling... Glad you got a day to rest up. You needed it!

Jodi said...

Miss You.