Sunday, August 3, 2008

Truck Update and Good Sunday

Today has been a good and a bad day. I'll start off with the bad....why not just get it out of the way?

Alicia from J&K called while we were at church and left a message that the owner of the store wants us to go get three estimates and then contact them. I don't have the time to go get three estimates. I want to just take it in to the shop the dealer recommends and have it done. It's frustrating that we have to take the time out of our schedules to go get THREE estimates and they are going to pick the lowest one (they always do) when it was their fault - COMPLETELY! I know where I want it done and that should be where I get it done.

On the good side of today, Clint was asked - out of the blue - to assist with blessing the sacrament today. I was so surprised when Martin Woodgate just jumped up off the stand and came down and asked him. He gladly went up there and assisted. When we were singing the opening hymn - my absolute most favorite: I Know That My Redeemer Lives - I could hear him singing - all the way back on the fourth to last pew on the opposite side of the chapel. I love his beaming bass voice. He's never embarassed to sing so loud. It just made my heart melt and my eyes beamed brightly.

Denise Pau gave a great lesson in Sunday School (as always) and Relief Society was pretty good too. Brother Bailey asked when a good time would be to come visit both C and I. I wonder what that's all about (please not the primary or nursery - I just can't handle that with never having been able to have kids - I've tried in the past and just can't). We had a HFPE meeting after church to discuss August's activity and any further action items, then we discussed and decided on the projects for Super Saturday next month. I had no idea that we were already so close to September 20th! And, unfortunately Super Saturday takes a lot of pre-planning to ensure everything goes off well. I'm pretty happy though with the projects we're doing this time. I'll be posting pictures of them on the HFPE blog in the next few days.

C and all three dogs are napping right now. It's so quiet in the house. The only noise I hear are the dogs peacefully snoring and the hum of the computer. I so enjoy peace and quiet - my days are so lively and full of "noise" that whatever peace I can get - I soak up and enjoy. May your Sabbath be filled with peace as well, remembering He who gave His life for us so we could live with Him again some day.


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Jennifer said...

Love the post. Thanks for sharing your "feel goods". I am sorry you have such a hard time with Primary or nursery. I know they wouldn't be yours, but I don't know anyone who can make a child feel loved and important like both you and Clint can.