Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Time

Yesterday was the first day of fall General Conference and unfortunately, I missed most of it! In the morning, I started watching it and quickly got side-tracked with some other things. I did hear the wonderful announcement though about the 5 new temples to be built! How wonderful, that five more parts of the world will now have temples where the members can go and do the redeeming work for their dead and feel of our Savior's spirit and love.

They will be in:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada;

Cordoba, Argentina;

Kansas City area;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

and Rome, Italy.

When President Monson announced the one for Rome, there was an audible gasp in the Conference Center. He just grinned. My former visiting teacher is from Rome. I am sure she was just flabberghasted when he announced that. Maybe someday, the rest of her family will join the church and she will be able to go with them to be sealed together as a family for all eternity.

I LOVE to go to the temple and am so GRATEFUL for the sweet husband that I have that told me he couldn't marry me unless we were able to go to the temple. I have gained so many blessings from marrying him - both spiritual and earthly. I cannot wait until our new north Phoenix temple is built. They still have not officially announced the location of it though and I feel strongly that the Lord is waiting to see the faith of the saints in paying their tithing before guiding President Monson in exactly where the temple should be located. I know there is a location that has been discussed among many members since the announcement, but it just does not make sense to put it there. The access is not good and well, frankly, I know the desire is to put it where it can be seen by many and it just won't be seen well there other than by those living right by it. On the other hand....while the location we keep hoping for out here by our house isn't on a hill or such, it is a location that is very accessible for MANY people from many areas in the west valley and actually is in a lower area and those above it would be able to see it quite well. I just really hope it is out here, but, I will take it wherever it is because with my schedule, it's hard enough right now to fit in a trip to the temple, let alone having to drive an hour each way as well. I am excited though for later this month to go with my friend Casey and her husband and sweet kids to the temple to receive their endowments and be sealed.

In the afternoon, I went to a Close to My Heart stamp party. While stamping is not my thing and I really did have other things to get done, I went to the party and found a couple scrapbooking related things to purchase to show my support for the hostess and then headed home. I stopped and filled up with gas ($77) and then headed to the grocery store to get a refund on some medication C picked up for me about 4 months ago and was overcharged on. Needless to say, I came out intending to have $28 in my pocket, but ended up giving them the $28 back plus another $86! That was the first time in probably 6 months that I have been into the grocery store. Usually C just picks up what we need on his way out of work.

Came home and made a yummy fall beef stew, which C immediately told me he didn't care for (but ate the whole bowl and another). We watched the second session of Conference which we'd recorded, but I fell asleep during the last half. Got up and went to bed around 10:30 or so and that was my day. Didn't get the house cleaned. Didn't get laundry done. Didn't do much and that is what disappoints me in myself. I feel like such a slacker as a wife and homekeeper, but I'm just so tired. I worked 12 days straight this week and 152 hours (please, no lectures). I'm literally exhausted beyond belief. Hopefully, this workload is finished and I can go back to working regular-ish hours starting this week.

By the way...I thought the stew was great and topped off the overcast, drizzly, somewhat cooler day we had, so that's that!


Lisa Tucker said...

Love the post! Good for you. The stew sounds delis! I can't wait for it to get cooler I love soups.

Casey Lu said...

I hope you have been feeling better! I haven't been feeling well myself as well. We watched conference and well since I haven't been feeling well missed most of it due to sleeping but what I did get was great. Pretty excited about the other new temples as well as the one someday going here in N.Phx. I am so very excited to go ourselves this month! Our endowment time has changed though to 5pm on the 24th and still 11:15am on the 25th. Your stew looks and sounds so yummy!!! :)