Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day of Reflection, My Foot

Well, it's official. Obama won. So much has been written by others in my family and friends that I feel that if I write anything else, it won't really add much to what's already out there. But, I also feel that it's important that I write about my feelings about this day.

It seems that there is an odd somberness among many people today concerning the results from yesterday's election. Many of us feel that our country will continue to spiral downward and that this is the beginning of the end. As I said yesterday, I am grateful to see that a black man can finally win the Presidency, but I am not happy it was this man. I fear he has been "groomed" since he was a child to reach this point in his life and that to obtain the highest office in our country is the beginning of the downfall of our country. Only time will tell and I truly hope I am wrong.

A word about my foot....on September 19th, Clint and I were over at the church unloading a bunch of stuff from the back of our truck for Super Saturday. I was in the bed of the truck pushing a number of the boxes out to the tail gate and when I was done, I jumped down onto the sidewalk. I kind of felt something in my foot pop, but I had so much to do that I just continued on. Later that evening, my foot was killing me. I prayed that it wouldn't hurt the next day when I needed it to be well and whole, but unfortunately, it still hurt incredibly the next morning and I could barely walk. Fast forward about 6 weeks to today...I still cannot walk well and the pain today is unbearable. A girl at work encouraged me to go see her podiatrist, Dr. Reese. She even called her daughter who works there and got me an appointment to see him today. When I went in, they took some x-rays and apparently there are no cracks or fractures so that is good, I guess. However, the doctor examined my foot and apparently I have strained my plantar ligaments in my left foot and now have to have orthotics made for me. Yay.

After talking about my foot, I asked about the fungus under my toenails. He said it's from a virus. He looked at all of my nails and they filed all of them down really thin and cut them way back (in fact, they are uglier now than they were before) and we are going to treat them with this anti-fungal stuff. But, there was one that was so thick and dead that it was untreatable and so he removed it. It's weird...I only have 9 toenails now. We'll see how it all goes, but that's the Reader's Digest version of it all....

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