Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Wrap Up

Today was our last day with the family. We went to church in Kurt and Kevin's ward. It was odd seeing my brother on the stand as a member of the bishopric, yet he looked like he belonged there. Breanna and Ari sat with us and Dylan and Noah sat with some other ward members. Dad came and went to church with us too.

After church, we went back to Kev's and hung out. Dad, Kev, and C went to Dad's and got the remainder of our food storage and brought it back to Kev's so we could load it all into the truck in the morning before we left. I made arrangements with a lady in Santaquin who had bought some food storage things for her sister (who is a friend of Auntie Sigie's) as well as for Auntie and us as to what time and where we would meet her in the morning on our way out of town to pick it up.

Then, around 3, the family all started arriving and we had a nice dinner of Kev's fettucine alfredo. It was supposed to be to celebrate my 40th birthday, but we never really got to that part. I was just so glad that everyone was there.

Eventually, everyone headed out and we got out things packed so it would be easier to leave in the morning. It will be a very LONG ride home tomorrow!

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