Monday, July 20, 2009

Our First Monsoon Storm of the Season...Sort of

Apparently while we slept last night (well, while Melon Man slept and I TRIED to sleep), there was a monsoon down in Tempe. Of course. It always misses us. I hate Tempe and Mesa and Chandler and Gilbert just for that reason. They hog all the monsoon storms.

Well, I didn't think we'd get anything today either since the skies were pretty clear, all things considered for this time of year, when I left work today. But, in the two hours time from leaving work until getting done with dinner, the sky definitely changed and we soon had a black sky looming overhead.

I was so hopeful for a deluge of rain. But, it mainly just blew and sprinkled. Bummer. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I just LOVE monsoon season. It washes all the dust and dirt off your roof and sidewalks and just seems to make things fresh again!

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Lisa Tucker said...

We got hit hard last night around 11:30 pm I woke from a dead sleep and thought we where having an earthquake the house was rattling from the wind and thunder. I loved it.