Friday, August 21, 2009

Will You Jump Me?

I finally finished going through all the clothes in our closet today and Melon Man went through his too. By the time I was finished, I had this huge pile ready for Goodwill. It may not really look all that huge, but it really was. Nicely folded, it filled 2 huge 30 gallon garbage bags. Plus, there were about 8 dresses/suits that were hanging on the bed post as well. This will make it a lot easier to hang clean clothes in the closet now!

But, my question that arose after doing this and seeing all the empty hangers is this....

Are empty hangers like a book of checks? If you have a bunch of extras, does that mean you can still go shopping?

So, Dad and I loaded up the bags of clothes into the truck and jumped in to run to Goodwill and the dry cleaners to pick up the clothes we'd dropped off there yesterday. However...

I went to start the truck and it just went "click" and nothing. Nothing at all. I called my usual "come to my rescue" guys (Brad and Robbie) to see if any of them were home from work yet since Melon Man was at work but neither were. Next, I called Richard and luckily he was home and came to my rescue! We tried, unsuccessfully, for a good 45 minutes to charge the battery, but nothing. So, we loaded it up into his truck and he and I ran down the street to AutoZone and swapped out the battery for a new one. Luckily, it was only about 1.75 years old so it was still fully covered and we didn't have to pay anything for a new one! We ran home and he got it put back in for me. What a blessing for us. A good neighbor and friend and no out of pocket expense. A good example of the blessings of tithing!

Soon, Dad and I were off to to do our errands. We ran to the dry cleaners first, then to Goodwill, then we were going to go to Sprouts to get the garlic sourdough bread for dinner on Sunday, but I chose to go to Melon Man's wallyworld to do the other shopping. Lo and behold, guess who was on lunch at Subway when we walked through the doors? Yep, my Melon Man. So, we had dinner with him and visited. Then, he went back to work and we walked the entire store almost trying to get the things on my list. They didn't have a number of things I needed so I will have to go to a different store tomorrow. Bummer.

Finally, we headed toward home. We were having a nice little monsoon storm as we drove home and the wind was blowing and the lightning show incredible. We unloaded the groceries and then waited for Melon Man to arrive. He finally did and he and I sat on the sofa and enjoyed some ice cream while Dad worked through a bunch of his email. Finally, Dad came in and laid down on the sofa while we watched a few recorded episodes of Triple D. Soon, Dad was out. Melon Man and I joked how we wanted to take the picture below and post it on a dating website. But, we just decided to post it here instead! It kind of looks like he's whistling!


Cindy said...

Too funny!

Sounds like a good day though. I love going through my closet and cleaning it out. I'm finding that I'm enjoying the less is more approach in all my closets. The organization makes me feel more 'in control' in an out of control world these days!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Love you guys--

Casey Lu said...

Yes, definitely sounds like a good day of things being accomplished! We are ALMOST fully packed...yeah. The most packed we have EVER been. I would greatly appreciate you helping me unpack! Just let me know when your available as I always am. :)

Julie said...

That is a great picture of Dad in some of his greatest moments.

Julie said...
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