Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am So Overcome with Emotion and Gratitude

I was just laying in bed and was thinking about today and I became very overwhelmed with my feelings about today and started to cry so I decided that I needed to get back up and put my thoughts, feelings, and emotions down before I forgot the true impact they have made on me today.

Today was a beautiful day. Kevin called this morning for a quick visit which was very thoughtful of him. I was so glad to hear from him. We headed off to church a few minutes later than desired, but we were still on time.

We were in Sunday School when Melon Man decided to head out to the hall and see if any of the family had arrived yet. They were unable to attend all of our meetings for various reasons, but we were so glad that they were able to be with us for this special occasion. It was like a little party out in the hallway when Melon Man came to tell me they were there. Everyone was getting to know everyone and it was just so fun to see everyone interacting with each other. Auntie Sigie and Uncle Ward sat with Dad for the remainder of Sunday School and the rest of us visited while waiting for Priesthood to start.

After opening exercises for Priesthood, all of the High Priests came to their classroom and we all got to go in for the ordination. Dad was a little surprised when he suddenly found out that he was going to be the one ordaining Melon Man. We had known it was a possibility, but we hadn't said anything to Dad in case it didn't turn out that he would be the one. Dad did a very nice job during the ordination and gave Melon Man a lovely blessing. As I sat there in the room, with my cousin and her husband, my aunt (Uncle Ward was helping in the ordination), and now my new family, Tere, Nik and Noah, and their sweet wives (Lary was in Idaho for work), I was so very touched by the spirit. I was so HAPPY. I was happy that we were there as an eternal family. I was happy that these new family members were in our life. I was happy that my side of the family was with us - both physically and in spirit. I was happy that I knew that Melon Man's line of priesthood authority had come directly from our Heavenly Father through Joseph Smith and down through generations of righteous priesthood holders and I was honored that my own father was able to bestow that higher office of priesthood on my sweet husband. I was happy that my life had taken the turn it had in the last four to five years. I was just HAPPY. I can't find a better word to describe the feelings that I had at that time.

After the ordination was over, Dad, Uncle Ward, and Melon Man stayed for the remaining 30 minutes of class and the rest of us headed home to get dinner going. Luckily, I'd made the sauce the night before, so I started warming it up while I made the noodles and bread and Lisa made the salad. We had some shrimp with cocktail sauce to tide us over. Mmmm. Good.

I love this picture. It's of Tere and her grandkids. The kids were so darling. Rajko was a hoot. He was just loving all the loves he was getting and he put on a little show for us with his laughs and bouncing. Landon was afraid of the dogs, but kept wanting to let them in the house or out of the kennel. He couldn't get enough food. Just when you thought he was going to bust, he'd ask for more!

Olivia, sweet and smart little thing - she thought Dog was lonely so she brought her Elmo book into his room and was reading to him. Robyn - poor Robyn - she was outside showing Tere that she could do a backflip and her head landed in some dog poop. She had to wash her hair! I felt so bad for her!

We all got seated around the table and began to eat dinner. As I sat there at the very end waiting for the noodles, I looked around the table. There was laughter. There was bonding. There was FAMILY. It was such an overwhelming feeling of GRATITUDE for me. I was so touched that all of these people were here to support Melon Man. I know my siblings wished they could have come and I know Jason and Shelli would have been here if they could. And, I am so GRATEFUL for that love and support. I fought back the tears seeing all of this LOVE and interaction. I have longed for 4 years now to have someone, anyone, from Melon Man's family involved in our life like this. What a true BLESSING this is for him and for me! My heart is so full!

It was soon time to say goodbye to Tere, Nik & Anissa, Noah & Giselle, and their families. We visited a little more with my side of the fam and Lisa, Dad, Auntie, and I played 4 rounds of Mexican Train. Melon Man, Uncle Ward, and Craig watched tv or slept. They soon left too and the house was just back to the three of us again. We all crashed on the sofa for about 30 minutes, then Melon Man went to bed. Soon, each one of the rest of my siblings called to talk to Melon Man, but ended up having to talk to me instead. I was so glad that they called to show him their support and love.

I headed off to bed, but as mentioned before, was overcome with emotion as I laid there trying to go to sleep. I'm so GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for this great day, for wonderful family, for the gospel in our lives and the joy it brings into our life, for the yummy little brownies Anissa made, the yummy salad with cilantro that Lisa made that was a hit, and the always delicious desserts that Auntie made.

I am so GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father for bringing this wonderful man into my life and the joy and happiness that he has brought me.


Rasheta Family said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and for giving us that insight into your heart. I know that we all truly enjoyed being there with you guys and the kids had a blast getting their surprises and meeting the dogs. The food was amazing and the work you must have put into this occasion surely showed in your immaculate and beautiful house.

Anissa and I discussed on our way home how warm and pleasant the atmosphere was with everyone there and how quickly we all felt so comfortable as if we have known each other forever. That's the beauty of family and the testament to the eternal nature of our spirits and the recognition that can occur when we gather even for the "first time". We love you guys and are excited to be around in future events. Have a great day and give Clinton a big hug for us and have him give you one too. You guys are the best!

Love, Nik and Family

Jodi said...

I am glad that everything turn out so nice. Miss you guys.

Jenn said...

What a very special day for you :)

Cindy said...

Lovely! Congratulations.

Angela said...

I am so glad to hear that you had such a nice day......congrats again! Love you guys...

Julie said...

I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day and felt the spirit and the love of family so strongly. We really do love Clint and are glad that he has become part of our family. I am especially glad that you have a good man in your life now and that you are happy.

Lisa Tucker said...

It was a great day! Meeting Clints side of the family was so much fun and as Nik put it, it was comfortable as if we have know each other forever. We talked about how fun it was on the way home too. Can't wait to get together again soon.

Rasheta Family said...

I am happy the day went so good for you guys. What a special event to gather for. Everything was so wonderful. Nik said it best so I will just agree with what he said. :)